By Robert A. Saal

~ Sunshine Acres ~


     Built sometime in the mid 1800s and home to Dr. Darling B. Whitney the property was sold to the Brooklyn Baptist Young Peoples Union in 1915 and became a fresh air home, or camp, named Sunshine Acres. In 1961 they relocated to their present location in upstate Naponach, NY.
     The house was located on Townline Road just North of the Methodist Church and served as the main building for the camp. The dorms, dinning hall, and chapel were on top of the hill across the fields.

     During World War One the chapel was used for the wake of two airmen who died in a plane crash near Havemeyer and Townline Road while photographing aerial maneuvers over Brindley Field.

     During the summer the children would come out from the city in open air double decker buses and at first slept in tents until the dorms were constructed. They would come out in groups for two weeks at a time throughout the summer.


They would be shouting and singing all day and night down there
                                                        - Henry Shea

The children were not allowed off the grounds. We would get groups of children visiting the store with a counselor
for ice cream and candy and stuff from Bishop McDonnell's but the children from Sunshine Acres never came down.
                                                             - Dr. Charles Werle, Commack General Store


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