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Jericho Turnpike and Townline Rd c.1910

NEW - History Of The Carll Family and Farm

     Comac, (sometimes spelled Commack, and formerly called Winne-Commack) is a pleasant crossroads village, situated in the eastern part of the town of Huntington on the middle country road, or Smithtown Turnpike, and partly within the bounds of Smithtown. It is an ancient settlement, and is located in the midst of a rich agricultural district. The surface is level, or slightly rolling, and the soil heavy, and nearly every acre improved and under a high state of cultivation. The village contains two hundred and fifty inhabitants, two churches, two schools, two stores, two hotels, a post office, and the celebrated horse training establishment of Carll Burr.
                                                                                                                            Richard M. Bayles
                                                                                                                     Sketches of Suffolk County

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     As we move in to the new millennium and the year 2001 it is easy to get caught up in the face pace of life and forget about Commack's past when times were slower and things were quieter. That is why it was decided an attempt would be made to gather together as many personal stories, memories, and photographs, from some of Commack's older families and put them together in a collection before he memories were forgotten and the stories lost.

     After many years and countless hours of phone calls, interviews, copying pictures, and sorting out stories, the result is this web site which takes a look at the Commack of yesterday through the memories and photos of some of the people who were there.

     A special thank you must be given to the following families who gave their personal stories and photographs in order to help preserve Commack's past, the Burr's, Brandsma's, Carll's, Goldsmith's, Graf's, Hurd's, Johnson's, Harned's, Moreland's, Sauer's, Shea's, and Werle's, all helped to make this site possible and their time was greatly appreciated.

     A special thank you must also be given to the Huntington Historical Society, Smithtown Historical Society, and the Richard H. Handley Long Island History Room of the Smithtown Library.

            Robert A. Saal

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